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Decanting day

So today was a slow start, I had a terrible flare of my usual joint pains and migraine yesterday, so nothing was achieved at all, apart from plenty of rest and intake of fluids.

It has taken many years for me to begin to listen to what my body needs, and respond appropriately. Resting through a flare-up day was a necessity, and one that proved helpful as today I was able to get on and do some practical work for Roots.

I purchased more storage containers to fill with wholefoods, in preparation for the pop-up shop on 26th, also to get HQ looking a little more how it will eventually run, as I have the Environmental Health Officers coming for their first visit next week!!

I managed to get hold of more large-sized glass storage jars and also some medium-sized plastic storage boxes.

I catch myself thinking that I mustn't use plastic anywhere in my shop facility, but apart from causing me stress, I remember that at Roots it's not about the refusing of the plastic full stop. Plastic has been around a long time and will continue to do so. Plastic is durable and lasts a long time. I know this is part of the problem, but when used correctly it can make our life a little easier.

Take the storage containers we are using for rice, pasta etc. We physically can not get glass containers large enough to carry the quantity of rice and pasta safely, glass containers would be far too heavy, increasing the risk of injury to ourselves and those around us, if a large jar was dropped for example.
Whereas our plastic containers can be washed and sterilised over and over again. They are lightweight for moving between venues, they stack easily and are cheap to purchase, which cuts down the price we then charge to our customers.

So if you are trying your best to cut out plastic, remember its a journey, it's not a one fits all approach, try little and often.

It's the 'once use' plastic we need to irradicate, and that can be done fairly easily, with a little preparation and a change in our shopping habits, that's where Roots comes in.

On our mobile shop, we will carry a supply of paper bags, cotton bags and recycled plastic bottle shopping bags to help with the transition. Of course, we would love for you to bring along your own containers to be filled, but we also understand that there are times when it's not convenient, or you buy more than you intended...



  • I’m in Stone – any plans to visit us?

    Liz Mills
  • We came to your “how to shop plastic free” workshop in Bramshall. It was very informative and found you and your wife inspirational! I will definitely be recommending your stall and will look forward to visiting your stall in Uttoxeter at the makers market! Thank you

    Sophie Bettaney
  • Hi
    I’m coming shopping to Penkridge tomorrow and plan on visiting you for my first plastic free shopping. What containers should I bring with me? Any recommendations?

    Sarah Parry
  • Loved the first blog. Really looking forward to popping in on 26th. I’ve got a kitchen window full of plastic bottles I want to reuse with various things from Roots!!


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