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Bring your own Containers ??

A New Way to Shop!
We want to go back to 'Our Roots' where food shopping involved purchasing and eating wholesome, real foods without unnecessary packaging. 
We have 4 main options when purchasing loose wholefoods from us at our two main stores
  1. We are huge advocates of reusing over recycling so please bring along any container that you have lying around; a mason jar, jam jar, ice cream tub or lunchbox, if it can be weighed, and is clean, it can be used!

  2. If however, you do forget to bring a container of your own or find there is something else you would like to buy, we do have a selection of donated (clean) jars and containers you can use.

  3. We also have various sizes of Organic Cotton bags to purchase, these can be used over and over again for loose wholefoods.

  4. As a final option, feel free to use one of our paper bags (available in four sizes) which are made from FSC accredited wood pulp and are fully compostable with your food waste at home. 
Together we can make a difference-
‘One straw won't matter, said 8 million people’