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Bamboo Face Cloth

Bamboo Face Cloth

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Extremely soft and luxurious , yet eco-friendly. A lot of bamboo face cloths in the UK are actually a mixture of cotton and bamboo fibre whereas our face cloth is 100% bamboo pulp fibre. This means it is very soft and smooth. It is also very lightweight, fast drying and gentle on skin.


The bamboo face cloth is made in Fujian, China, using 100% bamboo pulp fibre. Working conditions are safe and meet local labour laws.

During transportation from China to our shop no bubble wrap or foam is used. We also use sea shipping to reduce carbon emissions.

What are the dimensions?

The dimensions are 25cm x 25cm.

Is this suitable for sensitive skin and for children?

Yes, it is very soft and excellent for sensitive skin.

Is the bamboo face cloth vegan?

It is 100% vegan.

Is bamboo fibre biodegradable?

Yes, it bamboo fibre is biodegradable.