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Black Salt - Hawaiian- per 10g

Black Salt - Hawaiian- per 10g

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Hawaiian Black Salt gets its name and look from the volcanic black ash produced

The powdered rock infuses into the salt crystals changing their colour and flavour for ever

Authentic Hawaiian cuisines like all cuisines are only authentic when using ingredients sourced to provide the flavour the dishes are infamous for

Black lava salt is a blend of activated charcoal with seawater which creates an artisanal salt with a glistening black shine.

It has crunchy crystals, with real texture  but can be ground into a finer powder in a spice mill. Black lava has an earthy flavor and smoky top note that distinguishes itself from many other finishing salts.

Black salt should not be used during the actual cooking process as it will dissolve and the added black elements will simply settle to the bottom as a residue. It should be used as a finishing salt, where its bold taste can be savored and fully enjoyed. It goes well with all types of seafood, salads, vegetables, and even some desserts.

Sourced from Hawaii and Produced in USA