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Deionised Water - per 100g

Deionised Water - per 100g

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Use in household appliances – irons – coffee machines - humidifier
Making cosmetics – Ingredient for Cleaning – Window Washing

  • MULTIPURPOSE: Ideal for use in steam irons, batteries, coolant/Anti-Freeze, windscreen wash and many more applications.
  • PROTECTS: Deionised Water helps to protect and extend the life of domestic appliances and other goods by reducing corrosion and scale build up by minimising the formation of mineral deposits. This is especially important in new items with water reservoirs where regular tap water can cause furring and damage.
  • CLEANS: Deionised water does not contain any ions, it acts like a magnet for dirt as the ions in the dirt are attracted to it. This makes it great for cleaning windows, facias, cars, wood, mirrors and other smooth surfaces to a perfect, clean finish without staining, streaking or leaving behind any residue.

Storage: In a closed container, in a cool, dry place.
Precautions: Keep out of reach of children.