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Eco-Friendly Ear Cleaner

Eco-Friendly Ear Cleaner

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Lamazuna Oriculi is made from a sustainable, durable, 100% renewably sourced material that's derived from castor oil. This clever little, sustainable tool cleans your ears whilst eliminating the need to use disposable cotton buds. Ergonomically designed to make it easy to use. In addition to being eco-friendly and sustainable, this material is also safe for children. An essential for all zero-waste bathrooms.

The spherical finger rest on our new Oriculi makes it really easy to hold and use.

The little "spoon" at the end will remove visible earwax at the entrance to the ear canal. Don't go any further!

Once you've finished cleaning your ears, simply rinse the Oriculi with clean water (or soapy water if necessary) and dry it with a towel.

You can use the Oriculi to clean your children's ears, but it MUST be done by an adult, in a calm atmosphere!

Use the spherical finger rest to hold it firmly and stop it from going any further into the ear. That way, if the child moves suddenly, there's no risk of it touching their eardrum.

Available in various colours - ensuring each member of the household can have their own to keep.