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Epsom Salts- per 100g

Epsom Salts- per 100g

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Did you know that you can relax your tired muscles and treat your sports injuries by bathing in Epsom Salts? Otherwise known as Magnesium Sulphate, this is a substance whose amazing benefits have made it popular with doctors, personal trainers and celebrities.

How to use

  • The recommended use is 300-500g or 1-2 large full mugs per bath.  Just soak for 10 minutes while it works its magic.
  • To relax your body or to relieve stress, bathe three times weekly in warm water containing 2 cups of Epsom Salt. Soak for a minimum of 12 minutes. You could also add ½ cup of olive oil to moisturise your skin.
  • For aching limbs, soak in a mixture of warm water and ½ cup of Epsom Salt for 20 minutes.
  • Take a two-hour rest after bathing with Epsom Salt. If you have arthritic joints, move around as much as possible to prevent stiffening of the joints.


Please note

  • Epsom Salt is for external use only and not for consumption, and should be kept away from pets and children.
  • In case of pregnancy or other health concerns, consult your physician first.
  • When using, avoid mixing it with soap as this can interfere with its proper working.

Multiples of 100g are available, please adjust the quantity accordingly.