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Garlic Granules - Organic -per 10g

Garlic Granules - Organic -per 10g

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The garlic granules here are classed as G2 - most commonly used for cooking, marinades, seasonings and rubs - ideal for use in dried seasonings creating all natural anti caking properties

The garlic granules texture within your cooking will produce a blended texture with the rest of the ingredients without being over texture in garlic granules, cheese makers however may we suggest a larger garlic granules of around G4

Dried garlic requires skill in both growing and processing, if the garlic is immature it will not dry correctly, if the drying process climate is not correct it will not produce the aroma and flavour

Garlic comes from the plant Allium sativum and is a species in the onion genus Allium

There several countries that commercially grow and dry garlic, India, Egypt and China - Since the late 80s with the help of several European firms China has been producing the very best dried garlic and now supplying Europe with over 90% of its garlic market