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Garlic Powder - Organic - per 10g

Garlic Powder - Organic - per 10g

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Garlic Garlic Garlic Love it or Hate it Garlic is here to stay!

Our ancestors of some 20,000 years ago were adding garlic to their food, garlic has been used as remedies throughout the ages, today we know eating garlic and natural spices is just good for you, garlic has and always will have a place on our plate

Dried organic garlic requires skill in both growing and processing, if the garlic is immature it will not dry correctly, if the drying process climate is not correct it will not produce the aroma and flavour

The Organic Garlic here is a wonderful just off white fluffy textured garlic powder, the aroma is 100% garlic, the flavour is as you desire - garlic lovely garlic

Organic Garlic comes from the plant Allium sativum and is a species in the onion genus Allium

Organic dried garlic is perfect for creating rubs, seasonings and marinades, adding a little more at a time to get the right flavour of the sauce is very easy to with with powdered garlic

Grown in Egypt