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Ginger Bread Almond Butter - 250g

Ginger Bread Almond Butter - 250g

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Imagine that you have baked a batch of gingerbread and you are licking the bowl clean...that's pretty much all I can say here! It's been one of my bestsellers on the stall since day one. Stirring this into a bowl of hot porridge has become my morning ritual, the heat of the porridge oats brings out the warming ginger, it sort of envelops you as you eat. I find it really comforting. I also like to have a spoonful if I'm feeling a bit under the weather, I think that's because ginger biscuits and ginger tea got me through the awful morning sickness I suffered throughout both of my pregnancies, so I always associate eating ginger with feeling better.

We use coconut sugar here because it has a lovely caramelly flavour and it's one of our favourite natural sweeteners as it has a fairly low glycemic index, which means it's more slowly digested and metabolised than some other sugars and sweeteners.

This is a great one for simple snacking, just a spoonful on it's own helps to curb afternoon hunger pangs.

Ingredients: Roasted almonds (93%), ground ginger, coconut sugar