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Green Tea

Green Tea

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  1. A delicious Green Tea from China
  2. This tea is from the South West Province of Yunnan, China
  3. Many Green teas use a ‘roasting’ process which can impart a slightly burnt or ashy taste. Many people’s first experience of trying Green Tea is of a roasted tea and this is often the reason many people say they don’t like Green Tea.

This Yunnan Green tea uses a ‘steaming’ process which enables the true floral fragrance to dominate.

Green tea has not undergone a fermentation, or oxidation, stage during manufacture and is dried whilst still green – hence its name. (Black tea changes from green to dark brown when it is allowed to oxidise)

  • Tasters say – green, clean, fresh, light, fragrant
  • Looks – light green with a hint of honey
  • Region – Yunnan, South West China
  • Brew – After the kettle has boiled, leave for a couple of minutes before adding to the leaf. For best results, no more than 3 mins (but you will work out what’s best for you). Never ever add milk