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Hazelnut and Cacao Spread -250g

Hazelnut and Cacao Spread -250g

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This is one of my favourite products, not just because I eat quite a bit of it myself, but because I've made it a personal mission to lure the smaller visitors to my stall (and of course their moms and dads) away from the leading brand of chocolate and hazelnut spread, mostly because of it's shocking sugar content and also because it contains palm oil, which I don't think there's any excuse for, whether it's marketed as sustainably sourced or not. Apart from the obvious disastrous environmental impact of producing it, it's not very good for us at all.

It always gives me great satisfaction when families return to buy mine reporting that it's gone down well with the children on the breakfast table. One of my girls was a very fussy eater and I remember well the desperation I felt as a very young mom trying to get her to eat and enjoy something that I perceived to be healthy. This is of course high in fat (the healthy kind) so because of that it's calorific, therefore it's not something to be eaten by the bucket load, but as part of a balanced breakfast of say some wholegrain toast and banana, a couple of teaspoons will fit very nicely within a healthy diet.

Our hazelnut and cacao spread is 83% roasted hazelnuts and 4% coconut sugar, compared to 13% hazelnuts and 56% sugar contained in the market leader, so we can confidently say there's no comparison in health terms. I'd like to say there's no comparison in taste either, but I don't like to blow my own trumpet, I'd rather you decided for yourselves. As always, I value your feedback so don't forget to get in touch and tell me what you think.

Ingredients: Roasted hazelnuts (83%), raw cacao (8%), coconut oil (5%), coconut sugar (4%)