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Hemp No Scratch Scrubber

Hemp No Scratch Scrubber

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Maistic Plastic Free Hemp No Scratch Scrubber could easily be your new washing up favourite! Inside is a soft pure cellulose sponge - on the outside woven hemp fabric. Ideal for gently washing up and on delicate surfaces.

The No Scratch Scrubber is manually sewed with cotton thread and enhanced in the edges. The cellulose sponge in the middle holds soap very well. Use just a few drops!

This scrubber is reusable - just put it in the dishwasher top drawer and rinse it standing up along side glasses. Or rinse in boiling water, with a drop of vinegar. Not suitable to be washed in a washing machine. Always dry standing up.

About Maistic

Maistic produce plastic free and compostable products and packaging for customers wanting a less plastic future! Their goal is for you to know about the many alternatives to the traditional plastic that`s ruining our planet.