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Kombucha - yunnan gold - 250 ml

Kombucha - yunnan gold - 250 ml

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 Go Kombucha Fermented Raw Golden Yunnan Tea 250ml Superior Golden Yunnan, to give it its full name, is full of malty testiness with a delectable aromatic edge.

Perfect while on the go, during strenuous activity or drink half a bottle before and after exercise - though we defy anyone who can resist consuming a bottle in one go.

GO Kombucha is not pasteurized or heat treated, just 100 percent live with abundant probiotic acids, digestive enzymes and antioxidants.

Nutritional Info

Energy (kJ) 67.20 kJ/16.0608 kcal. Only 4.2g sugar / 16.8 calories / 67.2kJ per 100ml.

Directions GO! Kombucha tea is extremely versatile. Ideally, drink a glass 15 minutes before breakfast to kick start the day. Also use before and after sports, at the office for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, or with the evening meal instead of a glass of wine; served chilled in your finest wine glasses, naturally. Allergens suitable for 'raw foodies' and vegans.

Ingredients Filtered Water, organic unrefined sugar, Organic Chinese tea (Superior Golden Yunnan) Organic Kombucha cultures.