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Masks / Face Coverings - Large with nose wire

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100% cotton, washable, double layered, a filter pocket to add extra protection if you wish, you can adjust the fit and change the elastic or ties as they’re not sewn in but instead thread through a channel. The benefit of a nose wire is that it helps to stop your glasses steaming up, if you wear them, and gives a snug fit over the nose. The elastic is nice and soft and can be changed when it’s worn.

It’s recommended these are washed daily/after each use, I recommend popping them in a wash bag if you have one.

They are not medical masks and are not a substitute for social distancing.

Please remember that these masks aren’t medical masks and can only help protect others from catching the virus from you, they likely won’t protect you from catching it off another person. Please take note of section 10 in this government guidance.…/staying…/staying-safe-outside-your-home