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Mr Popple's Chocolate bars

Mr Popple's Chocolate bars

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Mr Popple’s raw chocolate bars are made entirely by hand, which Mr Popple believes creates nutrionally superior chocolate as there is no over-refining. The raw cacao is kept at a low temperature as this preserves the beneficial enzymes that are normally broken down by high temperature roasting. Making the raw chocolate by hand allows Mr Popple to incorporate his secret chocolate making technique.

New design, new size - better value per 100g - same great taste and Cacao hit

Available :

Dark Mylk: Rich and Creamy - Milky-dark and deliciously dairy free

Creamy Mylk: Smooth and Silky - Mmmeltingly moreish mylk chocolate

Signature Seventy: Deep and Indulgent- Oringinal chocolcate sensation

Atey Ate: Dark and intense- Seriously strong and super satisfying

Euphoric Orange: Sweetly Appeeling- A smile;inducing citrus sensation

Uplifting Mint: with a lime twist- Fancy a zesty lingering tingle?

Pure Prevuian: Potent and Uncut - The ultimate dark chocolate experience