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Green Bleach - Percarbonate of Soda  -  Natural Bleach - per 100g

Green Bleach - Percarbonate of Soda - Natural Bleach - per 100g

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Oxygen Bleach (percarbonate of soda) is a natural disinfectant and stain remover. 

The ingredients are derived from raw materials (salt, water and chalk).  Once dissolved in water, the sodium carbonate acts as a disinfectant and the hydrogen peroxide acts as a oxygen based whitener.

Already used in many laundry detergents on the market, as a very efficient whitener and deodoriser, percarbonate supplies oxygen and acts as stain remover in order to dissolve rapidly all kinds of stubborn stains (such as tea, coffee, red wine, grass, fruit, perspiration and blood).

Sodium percarbonate is also ideal to naturally preserve the whiteness of your textiles even after a numbers of cycles.  It limits the graying of clothes from limescale.

Oxygen Bleach has multiple uses in your home (toilets, sinks, wooden chopping boards, fridge/ freezers, carpets, wooden decks and more). 

Bring your own container or use our paper bags

Multiples of 100g - adjust quantities accordingly

Storage: In a closed container, in a cool, dry place.
Precautions: Keep out of reach of children.