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Raspberry Cashew Nut Butter -250g

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Our raspberry cashew butter is made with just two ingredients, cashews and raspberries. This epitomises everything we do here at Butterbelle, creating beautiful flavours with the fewest ingredients possible. We've sourced the finest freeze dried raspberries available and simply stirred them into our naturally sweet and creamy cashew butter. I always encourage visitors to the stall to taste this first, before they dive into the heady mix of cacao, ginger, cinnamon and cardamom that my other butters are flavoured with. The raspberry flavour doesn't hit you in the face, it's more of a gentle kiss on the cheek.

Although I love the flavour, I have to admit that my favourite thing about this butter is the gorgeous pink colour...I have joked that if I never achieve anything more than developing a pink nut butter I will be happy with that. I like to keep it next to the pumpkin seed spread in the cupboard, the combination of pale pink and green makes me happy.

I like to spread this onto lightly toasted sourdough, or dollop it onto pancakes.

Ingredients: Roasted cashews (96%), freeze dried raspberries (4%)