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Makeup Pads - Resuable

Makeup Pads - Resuable

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Handmade in Stafford using Pre-loved fabrics


terry towelling, jersey, cotton


* Sets of 5 or 10 cotton reusable face pads.

* One side has a soft and thick, absorbent terry fabric whilst the other side is a fun cotton jersey, stitched with a unique rainbow thread.

* These pads are really versatile and are ideal for removing makeup, cleansing or applying toner. They’re an eco-friendly, economical, zero waste alternative to disposable cotton wool pads.

* They are machine washable (best on a 30°C) or can be hand washed. To dry; reshape and lay them flat.

* These face pads measure approx 9cm diameter across.

A note from the supplier: * I also make babies, children's and adults clothing so I like to use any scraps left over to make these pads so there is less going into landfill.