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Rubbing alcohol - Surgical Spirit - Isopropyl - per 100g

Rubbing alcohol - Surgical Spirit - Isopropyl - per 100g

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Rubbing alcohol in your home can be used throughout the house to remove stains, create homemade cleaning solutions, disinfect surfaces, and even freshen the air. 

With a purity of 95%, this versatile solution is a must-have for those who are following the expert cleaning tips by Nancy Birtwhistle.

Use rubbing alcohol to - 

  • Make your own air freshener. 
  • Remove permanent marker from different surfaces.
  • To clean your windows.
  • Degrease your kitchen.
  • Make a homemade upholstery cleaner.
  • Clean your stainless steel.
  • Clean your jewellery and much more.
  • Rubbing alcohol is also great for making your own hand sanitiser, 

Storage: In a closed container, in a cool, dry place.
Precautions: Keep out of reach of children.


Sold in multiples of 100g - adjust quantities accordingly