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Sauerkraut / kimchi - 280g

Sauerkraut / kimchi - 280g

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Sunshine sauerkraut is an always a best seller. White cabbage, leek, turmeric and cracked Pepper. 

Hot Pink.. Another regular.. A mix of red and white sauerkraut, cumin, mustard seeds and juniper. Goes well with everything!

Chipotle & wild garlic. This is a regular too. A warm smoky chipotle chilli flavour with carrot and a little garlic.

Mojito - white cabbage, lime, salt, mint

Miso Kimchi - Napacabbage, spring onion, carrot, apple, onion, ginger, garlic, Korean chilli, miso, seaweed, sea salt, sugar

All made with love, organic ingredients where possible, guerande sea salt, made using glass containers and properly fermented.

Best kept in the fridge.

Available in store or online