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Tigernut Cashew Nut Butters - 250g

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Despite their name, tiger nuts aren't actually nuts, they are small tubers that grow in the ground in much the same way as a potato. If you've visited the Valencian region of Spain you've probably come across Horchata, a creamy drink made from tiger nuts or "chufa" as they are called there. Tiger nuts are packed with protein and prebiotic fibre, the kind of carbohydrate that reaches your gut to feed the "friendly" probiotic bacteria that we all need for a healthy digestive system. They are said to have a very similar nutritional profile to milk, making them a very good dairy alternative.

As tiger nuts contain very little fat I've combined them with creamy cashew nuts and a little bit of coconut oil to create a naturally sweet, textured nut butter. It's difficult to describe the taste of this as tiger nuts have a unique flavour but lots of people who try it say it tastes a bit like caramel, or coconut. I like to simply slather mine on slices of pear or apple but you can also add it to flapjacks and crumble toppings, or spoon into dates for a super nutritious, naturally sweet treat.


Ingredients: Roasted tiger nuts (68%), roasted cashews (30%), coconut oil (2%)