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Ultra Extra Sanitary Pads

Ultra Extra Sanitary Pads

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Regular Flow Pads with Wings

  • Pad with wings for moderate flow.
  • Breathable, organic cotton cover.
  • Extra fluffy core.
  • No perfumes, plastics or synthetics.
  • Non-chlorine bleached.
  • Made from renewable and sustainable materials.
  • Biodegradable and compostable.
  • x12 Pads, individually wrapped.

Natracare sanitary pads with wings, to help keep the pad in place. These pads are designed for a normal flow. With their organic cotton cover, your intimate areas can breathe and irritation is minimized.

The pads come individually wrapped in a fully biodegradable GM-free plant starch material. Discreet enough to keep a spare or two in your bag, whilst out-and-about.

Enjoy a comfortable period, safe in the knowledge that the waste is not going to stick around in the environment for decades, but will safely and fully biodegrade.


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