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Waste Bags- Home Compostable

Waste Bags- Home Compostable

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Maistic Compostable Waste Bags are for fridge, freezer and daily use. These compostable bags aren`t just stronger, they contain upcycled food leftovers based on the new, strong bioplastic PHA. Maistic Compostable Waste Bags do not contain any harmful plastic chemicals and are completely safe for everyday use.


20 litre.  50 x 44 cm.
30 Litre  50x65 cm

These waste bags are OK Compost HOME certified and based on PHA bioplastic from agricultural waste. Fully biodegradable in your own compost bin!

  • NO BPA and bisphenols
  • NO traditional plastic
  • NO phthalates

About Maistic

Maistic produce plastic free and compostable products and packaging for customers wanting a less plastic future! Their goal is for you to know about the many alternatives to the traditional plastic that`s ruining our planet.